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9 Tips for Keeping Your Storage Unit Clean & Organized

Whether you’re using your storage unit as a temporary solution or long-term storage, keeping it clean and organized can go a long way. Not only will it save you time when you’re ready to move out or look for that box you need, but it also protects your items against damage – ensuring you come back to everything just as you left it.

Our storage experts are sharing nine ideas to help you clear out the clutter and get your storage unit organized, cleaned, and set up for success. Read on for tips and practical advice to maximize the space available in your unit.

1. Remember to Label & Plan

When you have a storage unit filled with unmarked bins, it can be a hassle to find what you need. Label the contents of each box and consider grouping similar boxes together. For example, you may want to keep a box of dishes and plates close to pots and pans since they’ll both likely end up in the kitchen.

If storing items from a home or apartment, you may consider dividing the areas in your storage space, like the different rooms or areas within your living space.

2. Make Aisles & Use Vertical Space

A disorganized storage unit can make it harder to get what you need or store what you came to drop off. Create aisles between boxes and other items so you can quickly get to the back of the unit without needing to reorganize everything inside of it. Stack and push bins against the walls whenever possible to make the most of vertical space within the unit.

3. Get Creative to Maximize Space

You can use anything from suitcases to drawers from a dresser as a place to store things. Try utilizing some of your items as storage containers if you’re keeping them in the unit anyway.

Rolling up clothing is a good way to get more space out of boxes and bins. You can also roll clothing and linens into hats, which can help keep the hat’s shape while stashing more of your stuff. If you’re storing bulky items like coats, blankets, and towels, consider using vacuum-sealed bags.

4. Keep It Clean

It’s always a good idea to keep your storage unit neat, but it’s especially important if you plan on keeping your things in storage for longer than a season. Wipe down bins and shake out furniture covers to prevent dust build-up. Avoid consuming food and drinks in your unit so there’s nothing left behind to attract bugs and other pests.

The best policy? Make sure everything that you move into your storage unit is clean. That’ll prevent potential odors and other damage. Then, you can maintain it with regular dusting and sweeping, as needed.

5. Avoid The Floor

Storing items on pallets or shelving keeps your things off the floor, protecting them from any potential moisture or pests. If you must store cardboard boxes and furniture on the floor directly, consider using protective wraps or covering them with a tarp.

6. Mind Your Bins

The types of bins you use in your unit are important. While plastic bins may be convenient, their impact on the environment makes alternative options preferable to many. Some other bin materials could be wooden crates (preferable for short-term storage), fabric bins and baskets, cardboard boxes, or metal baskets. Explore other alternatives to plastic bins and the types of storage situations they’re best used for.

7. Distribute Weight

To avoid damage to your belongings, remember to store heavier items on the bottom and keep lighter ones on top. This doesn’t just apply to the items within one box but also when stacking several boxes within a unit.

If boxes are heavy or contain fragile items, label them accordingly. This will protect your back and your things.

8. Secure Fragile Items

While we’re talking about fragile items, don’t just label them – be sure to pack them safely and securely. While bubble wrap is a popular choice, wrapping fragile items in clothes or linens can be a more eco-friendly choice (and it can save space).

9. Reorganize by Frequency of Use

Over time, you may find the more you use your storage unit, the more you’ll see your layout needs an update. Think of new methods that will give you even more space to work with as you increase the amount of items in your unit. Consider keeping an inventory list or a guide to your layout.

Many find it helpful to place the items you use most regularly at the front of the unit, while seasonal items and furniture might be put toward the back.

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