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The 5 Most Common Items in Self Storage Units

1. Furniture 

The number one most common item for self storage is furniture. Whether antique, new, or old, furniture takes up room in the home, garage, and even outdoors. Storing your furniture at an affordable price is a great option to free up living space in your home. 

2. Collectibles 

Some collectors have spent a lifetime acquiring the items in their collection and this can add up. Often, these items are worth some money and need to stay in the best condition possible. That’s why collectibles make it onto our list as the second most common self storage item. From baseball cards to antique furniture, self storage units are home to many valuable collections. Self-storage units are a good option for long-term storage of collectibles because they offer security as well as climate-controlled environments allowing your items to be stored long-term with no damage. 

3. Seasonal décor

Holiday decorations, outdoor furniture, Halloween decorations, and more are common storage unit items. You only need access to these items once a year so what is the point of clogging up all of your home’s storage space with them? Renting an affordable storage unit or locker is a great option to keep your holiday and seasonal décor in one place.

4. Vehicles 

Vehicles that are infrequently used or are seasonal (think motorcycles) are commonly found in self storage. If your vehicle is sitting around taking up space or outside being worn down by the elements, a self storage unit is probably a better option and will help extend the life of your vehicle or boat. 

5. Inventory 

Why pay for office space when you can store your excess inventory in a self storage unit for a more affordable price? It’s a no-brainer. Many business owners are doing this, which is why inventory makes our list of the most common items in self storage units. 

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